Premium Bottled Pure Green Tea IBUKI 180ml

Premium Pure Bottled Tea “IBUKI”


  • World tea contest 2016 Gold medal.
  • Awards of Shimada 2016.
  • World tea contest 2021 Gold medal.

Notice: This product is made to order. Please contact us for details.
Refrigeration required: 18°C or less.
Best Before:3 months


The ultimate Green Tea Bottle made at our own factory.
No antioxidants are used.
We, KANES packed all the Japanese tea in this bottle.

Ultimate rare tea to have with a wineglass, High-quality bottled tea.
Additive free.

All the bottled teas of “IBUKI bottled tea” are extracted using a unique method called “filtered cold brew method”.

By sterilizing the tea without heating, using a filter, and extracting it at an appropriate temperature that matches the tea leaves, we have succeeded in maximizing the potential of the “aroma, umami, and water color” evaluation criteria for Japanese tea.

Cultivar : Kanaya IBUKI

Ingredient : Green tea
Origin : Golden valley, Shizuoka, JAPAN
Best Before : Refrigerated 3 months
HS code:2201.90
MOQ:2 bottles
Gift Box Size:180ml:h260mm × 100mm ×55mm
Carton Size:180ml:h278mm × 115mm × 80mm

Japanese retail sales site:


Weight 1683 g
Dimensions 114 × 360 × 98 mm
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