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Material Supply 原料供給

Tea supply as an ingredient  Kanes has contracted farmers and associations to supply variety of teas in Japan’s top tea production region called Kawane, Makinohara, Kanaya and Shimada. Kanes and our partner cooperate to make the top quality tea so as to supply tea as an ingredient.

Wholesale 専門店卸

Wholesale discount price is available upon request for small and large lots. Our wholesale is suitable for tea retailers, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. We can discuss the quality rank and the budget of you needs. Feel free to contact us.

Minus-degree cold air warehouse

Automatic packaging machine

Manual packaging machine



Kanes CEO is one of the top Japanese tea valuer. There are only 37 certified valuers in Japan and they are considered as a real Japanese tea professional with not only their judgement skill but knowing tea history, culture and knowledge. Kanes has 7 certified Japanese tea instructors.



We are Japanese most awarded tea company


  2016 Yoshimoto 47 Prefecture Matche Chocolate Gold Prize
  2015 10th Anniversary for masterpiece of new Shimada city in 2015, Mathcha and HojiCha Chocolate are certified
  2015 FUJINOKUNI New Product Selection 2015 Gold Medal
  2014 World Green Tea Contest Gold Medal
  2014 Japanese Tea Award Good Tea Category Jury Award
  2014 Japanese tea Award Aroma Tea Category Jury Award
  2011 World Green Tea Contest Gold Medal
  2010 World Green Tea Contest the Grand Gold Medal
  2013 FUJINOKUNI New Product Selection Gold Medal
  2009 Shizuoka tea fair Shizuoka Governor Award
  2008 World Green Tea Contest Gold Award
  2007 Kanaya tea fair second prize
  2006 MAFF center Chairman Award
  2006 Japan Cha-gyo center Chairman Award
  2005 Organic JAS Certification
  2005 Shizuoka Governor Award
  2004 Mini HACCP certification
  2003 Minister of MAFF Award
  2002 Tokyo Governor Award

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