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Matcha & Houjicha Nama Choco. We got 2016 Yoshimoto 47 Prefecture Matcha Chocolate Gold Prize 2015 10th Anniversary for masterpiece of new Shimada city in 2015, Matcha and HoujiCha Chocolate are certified

2016 New harvest tea contest in Kakegawa Izumoden, shizuoka.We got Grand prize.

Hand-rolled-tea&Tempura of baby leaf.

We picked new cultivar Kanaya Ibuki by hands. And also we made it for a competitive exhibition.It is more contained the Amino acid and chlorophyll than usually green tea. Moreover we covered the tea bushes by the black cheesecloths for one week before picking. So nutritious ingredients like the Amino acid and chlorophyll are more increasing!

New Bottle tea Ibuki & Koshun ,coming soon. Ibuki is our new cultivar. The development and selection of new cultivar took about 25 years. Koshun is new cultivar of Shizuoka area.

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