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Conventional Tea Powder

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  1. Genmaicha Powder wih Matcha 30g (MOQ 50)

    Genmaicha Powder with Matcha for drinking and cooking.
    Service pack:500g~

    Green tea powder,Roasted brown rice,Matcha
  2. Sencha Powder 30g

    Sencha Powder for drinking and cooking.

    Ingredients : Green tea Powder
    Service Pack : 500g~
  3. Tea Leaf Charcoal Powder 30g

    Charcoal powder of tea leaves for drinking & cooking
    like: Cheese gateau cake, marble cake, ice cream, noodle, bread… with detox effect and skincare and strong bactericidal effect. 

    Service Pack : 500g~

3 Item(s)

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