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Kanes Profile

KANES CO., LTD. is located in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Shizuoka prefecture lies at the foot of Mt Fuji which is the symbol of Japan. Shizuoka is located at the center of Japan and is richly blessed with nature and scenic views of the sea, mountains, rivers and lakes. It’s called the “Food Capital” because Shizuoka is the number one producer of fruits and vegetables and so on in Japan. The fresh foods that have been grown in this rich nature are sent out to cities throughout Japan and abroad.
In the many foods, the most famous ones are ‘Green Tea’, ‘Mikan’, and ‘Wasabi’ so on.


Delicious tea grows in the fog of a large river .

Oi River Railway

In Japan from ancient times, it has been said that delicious tea grows in the fog of a large river .
The Oi River has been a famous river since the Edo era.
It was said that “Hakone Hachiri can be passed by horses, but the Oi River cannot be passed”, and the bridge was not built before.
The fog of this Oi river grows the most delicious tea in Japan.
In particular, the Kawane district in the northern part of the Oi River is famous for Sencha, and has won the number one prize in Japan many times.

In addition, the southern region has the largest tea plantation in Japan, “Makinohara Tea Garden”.
Shizuoka Prefecture Tea Laboratory, the National Tea Industry Research Institute, and the three major tea machine companies are also located here.
Fujinokuni cha no miyako Museum (The biggest Tea Museum in Japan), too.
In other words, the development of the modern Japanese tea industry and culture took place in this Oi River basin.

KANES manufactures, wholesales and sells Japanese green tea for three generations with enthusiastic tea farmers.

Since its founding over 64 years ago (since 1957), we have used the latest technology to manufacture a variety of OEM products, food services, retail and raw material products.

Kenji Suzuki,Founder