Healthy topic of Japanese tea (1) Healthy life expectancy

Healthy life expectancy of Shizuoka Prefecture

(From Shizuoka Prefecture website)

In March 2018, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced healthy life expectancy by prefecture based on 2016 data.

The average healthy life expectancy of the past three times (2010, 2013, 2016) was 72.15 years for men and 75.43 years for women in Shizuoka prefecture, ranking second in Japan for both men and women.

In addition, the average value of the total number of men and women calculated independently by this prefecture is 73.82 years old, which is the second highest, and it can be said that this prefecture is one of the top healthy and longevity prefectures in Japan.

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Healthy life expectancy: The period during which you can live without any restrictions on your daily life due to health problems.

Reasons for healthy longevity in Shizuoka Prefecture:
-Abundant local ingredients and rich eating habits
-It is the number one tea producing area in Japan, and people drink a lot of green tea on a daily basis.
-Many elderly people are working well
-Mild prefectural character from a warm climate

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