Healthy topic of Japanese tea (2) Healthy Tea Components: Catechin/Caffein/Theanine

Tea Health Components of Green TeaCatechins

(From Shizuoka Prefecture website)

(1) Antioxidant effect
The most noticeable health effect of catechin is its strong antioxidant effect. It prevents the formation of “active oxygen” that does various bad things in the body, and has the function of quickly extinguishing the generated active oxygen.
Reactive oxygen species, also known as “bad oxygen,” indiscriminately damage body tissues and cause lifestyle-related diseases (metabolic syndrome) and aging.
Vitamin C contained in tea also has a strong antioxidant effect.

(2) Prevention of hypertension
Hyper-tension is a symptom that causes life-threatening lifestyle-related diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke. The cause of high blood pressure is caused by various factors such as the lifestyle and genetic constitution of the person.
One of the mechanisms of its onset is that angiotensinogen in the blood and her substance are strongly vasoconstricted by enzymes contained in the kidneys.
This is because it changes to a substance that has an action.
Catechin reduces the action of this enzyme and suppresses the rise in blood pressure.
It has a suppressing effect.
From this, he can say that drinking tea is effective in preventing high blood pressure.

(3) Prevention of obesity
Carbohydrates contained in foods, especially starch and sucrose, are contained in saliva
Enzyme included (α-alpha-amylase) and secreted from the small intestine
It is decomposed by the enzyme (sucrase) that is produced, and is sugar (sucrase).
It becomes (lecours) and is absorbed.
Tea catechins are thought to suppress the action of these enzymes to prevent starch and sucrose from becoming sucrose, and as a result, reduce the fat produced from sucrose to prevent obesity.
It cannot be said that “drinking tea makes you lose weight”, but as explained in the previous section, catechin is indirectly involved in the digestion and absorption of food and suppresses the increase in fat that causes obesity, and before sports. It is thought that drinking tea makes it easier to use fat as energy and prevents weight gain. Also, the tea is low calorie, so you don’t have to worry about getting fat no matter how many cups you drink.
A cup of tea before meals can help relieve hunger, or if you drink tea after eating oily foods, catechins will help prevent obesity while refreshing your mouth.

Health benefits of tea
Why is tea served at sushi restaurants? Why is he good at “gargle” with tea?
(4) Antibacterial / bactericidal action, antiviral action
Catechin is resistant to pathogens such as Vibrio cholerae, various food poisoning bacteria, and Escherichia coli O-157.
It has been found to have a bactericidal effect. In addition, there are various bacteria in the human intestine, which are good bacteria (lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, etc.) and bad bacteria.
It is divided into jade fungi (clostridium, etc.).
Tea catechin does not act very well on good bacteria, but it has a strong bactericidal effect on bad bacteria. Due to this effect, drinking tea can increase the power of good bacteria in the intestines.
Since the concentration of tea you drink every day can be expected to have sufficient antibacterial and bactericidal effects, tea at mealtime is an indispensable drink to prevent food poisoning.
The sushi restaurant serves dark green tea.
Tea has the purpose of washing away the fishy odor of sushi seeds left in the mouth, making it easier to taste the next seed, and preventing food poisoning due to the strong bactericidal effect of catechin contained in tea.

☆ Makes it difficult to catch a cold ≪Rattling squirrel≫
Influenza virus, the protagonist of colds, is the nose and throat
He gets into the throat and grows endlessly, causing the symptoms of a cold. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), one of the catechins, prevents him from multiplying her russ, even in small amounts. For this reason, gargle on the nose and throat can effectively suppress the growth by gargling with green tea. When you get home from the outside, first wash your hands and wash your hands. However, once the virus gets inside the body, gargling is not very effective and he is not. It is important to make garment a daily habit.

(5) Prevention of tooth decay and bad breath
The cause of tooth decay is the tooth decay bacteria attached to the teeth.
(Mutans bacteria) use the sugar contained in food to make plaque. Among them, bacteria use dental plaque to make lactic acid, etc., and this lactic acid, etc. dissolves the enamel of the teeth and makes holes, resulting in tooth decay. Catechin has the effect of suppressing the growth of this caries bacterium. In addition, ingredients such as catechin contained in tea have a bad smell in the mouth.
Adsorbs substances to prevent bad breath.
After meals and snacks, gulp down with green tea to wash off the food debris on your teeth.
Preventing tooth decay ≪Bukubuku squirrel≫
Calories of various beverages (per 500 ml of beverage)
The table on the left shows the beverages we drink on a daily basis.
He looked up Rory. Carbonated drinks and coffee drinks
Since the charge contains sugar, the calories are high.
In addition to daily meals and snacks, drink this every day
If so, do you have lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes?
The chances of getting rid of it are high. On the other hand, sencha
Is called a sugar-free beverage (a drink that does not contain sugar), and it is a low-calorie beverage that contains very little sugar, so you can continue to drink with confidence.

Beverage name /calorie
Carbonated drink 230 kcal
Coffee drink 190 kcal
Sencha 10 kcal

What is the health effect of “Kakegawa Study”?
Is it true that tea is good for cancer?

(6) Anti-allergic action Pollinosis is a typical allergic disease
And atopic dermatitis, hives, bronchial asthma, etc.
Benifuuki“, a variety of black tea, is made from catechin.
It contains a lot of “methylated catechin” which is a kind.
Methylated catechins have anti-allergic effects by suppressing the release of histamine, which is a substance that causes allergic symptoms.
“Benifuuki” is originally a variety for black tea, but when it is made into black tea, he changes the methylated catechin to other ingredients and the effect is reduced, so it is effective to drink it as green tea as a measure against allergies.
“Benifuuki” is even more effective if he decocts it in a kettle for about 5 minutes rather than putting it in a teapot.

(7) Anti-cancer effect
Human cancer is an extremely complex disease that progresses through multiple stages due to various factors, but tea catechins have the effect of suppressing the progression at various stages of canceration. This is recognized in animal experiments.
It is expected that further research will be conducted on the anticancer effect on humans in the future.
He is said to have less cancer in people in the area who drink a lot of tea. Due to cancer in Shizuoka prefecture
The mortality rate is lower than in Japan, and there are areas in the central and western parts of the prefecture where the mortality rate from gastric cancer is extremely low.
However, it is a clear proof whether this reason is due only to drinking a lot of tea.
It has not been revealed. The results of future research are awaited.

A large-scale survey / research (cohort research, assistance) conducted for citizens of Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, in order to confirm the effect of tea on health.
Entrance exam)
The purpose of the survey is to scientifically prove and publicize the improvement effect of green tea on lifestyle-related diseases, and to appeal the efficacy and effect of green tea to the world.
Another purpose is to clarify what kind of green tea varieties and processing methods are good for prevention and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases, and how to drink them, and develop beverages and products of that varieties. And new
This is to create demand for Tana tea.

Tea Health Components of Green Tea:Caffein
Is it true that you wake up when you drink tea?
(1) Alarm clock effect
In the first place, the reason why tea came to be drunk
He is said to have an alarm clock effect. A long time ago, a priest studied and sat down
During my training such as Zen, I drank tea to prevent getting sleepy. The ingredient that prevents this drowsiness was “caffeine.”
Caffeine has a light bitterness and is an indispensable ingredient for tea. Caffeine has a diuretic effect by stimulating the central nervous system and activating the function of the heart and kidneys.
One cup (100 ml) of tea contains 20 to 50 mg of cafein.
When she drinks tea, her caffeine is immediately absorbed into the body, and the concentration in the blood reaches 30 minutes to 1 hour.
The more you reach the peak, the more immediate the effect. If you’re sleepy even though you haven’t finished your homework, drink tea
Let’s wake up.
For adults, if the daily intake of caffeine is 200-300 mg (10 to 15 cups of sencha for him), drinking it will have a particular effect on your health.
there is no.

Drink tea-let’s wake up.
Contains caffeine, sencha, black tea, coffee
Tea (Gyokuro) 160mg
Tea (sencha) 20mg
Tea (roasted tea) 20mg
Oolong tea 20mg
Tea (bancha) 10mg
Red tea 20mg
Coffee (reference) 60mg

Tea Health Components of Green Tea:Theanine
Why do you feel calm when you drink tea?
Does drinking green tea prevent dementia?

(2) Relax action (Theanine, a type of amino acid peculiar to tea, is an important ingredient that gives tea a subtle taste and sweetness, and is abundant in gyokuro and high-grade sencha.
Taking theanine is the brain wave that occurs when you relax α
I know that there is an alpha wave.
He says that when the alpha wave is emitted, he is relaxed and has concentration. The same tea has the opposite relaxation effect to the alarm clock effect and excitement effect of caffeine.
Tea is a mysterious drink when it has ingredients.
According to a study by Professor Kuriyama of Tohoku University, people who drink two or more cups of green tea a day are less than half as likely to have dementia as those who drink less than three cups of green tea a week. It has become clear.

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