OEM Supply

Original equipment manufacturer Supply

Kanes can address the variety of customer’s needs such as tea supply as an ingredient and wholesale. OEM and PB development are also welcome.

Your merits with Kanes

1.Kanes awarded teas have special taste As a Japanese green tea maker, we pursuit the tea quality. Compare it with another teas.
2.Small lot, wholesale price and early delivery are available Just tell us what you need for quantity, price and delivery date.
3.Safe and Healthy teas To deliver safe and healthy teas, Kanes obtained Shiuoka Mini HACCP and placed the clean room in the factory.

Variety of teas

We supply various kinds of teas to meet your needs. No artificial taste, color and chemical seasoning are added.

【Traditional teas】 Others: Powdered tea, Kamairi-cha, Japanese black tea, Japanese oolong tea and organic tea.

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