Soil & Technique 土づくりと技術革新

Kanes tea making begin with soil making.
Japanese tradition and Kanes technique are integrated, and can produce the best quality Japanese tea.
Kanes also makes the research and development effort for new generation’s tea.

Material 土 Making healthy soil is our policy.

All Kanes members give a large attention to the soil.
Their enthusiasm and cooperation within the group creates the best quality Japanese teas.

Kanes R&D Group カネス研究会

Our farmers who are enthusiastic and love about studying & challenging are gathering in Kanes, and we have been building good cooperative relationships for many years.

We, the Kanes R&D Group, are actively taking on new challenges while valuing the spirit of the old and new ′温故知新’, cherishing history and tradition.
In recent years, with the popularity of Matcha from overseas, we have been working together with farmers to produce new products such as Matcha and Sencha powdered tea, Pure Bottled Tea, Functional tea, and Organic tea, making the best use of Japan’s largest Sencha production area.

Mr. Yasuhiko Saito certified Eco-farmer by Shizuoka prefecture.
His passion for tea making is extreme.
Mr. Etsuro Ishima
He is the professional tea master from the
top tea production region called Kawane.
He has JAS Organic Certification.

GOKA Tea agricultural cooperative
Representative tea factory in Japan’s
popular tea making region called Kanaya.
Top awarded by the Kanaya tea fair.

Kanes R&D tea farm カネス研究茶園

Kanes attempts to create the best soil and farm for new tea variety development in our test farm with our cooperative farmer.

Kanes Tea Farm
Covered and Uncovered Leaf / 1st Flush
/ Cultivar: Kanaya Ibuki

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