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CV Mimasaka Bancha (Less caffeine) 1kg

From unshaded tea bushes.
Ingredient : Green Tea
Net Weight : 1kg
Origin : Kochi, JAPAN
Best Before : 12 months
Package Size:mm


How to drink

  • Hot:500cc + Loose tea 1.5g, 4-5minutes. boiled water
  • Cold: First boil in hot water and then cool in the refrigerator,

Product Info

  • the Mimasaka area of Okayama prefecture from 1862.
  • Cultivar:A mix of native species=Zairai and Yabukita
  • The end of the rainy season, July to the end of the Obon festival, August

Traditional tea made by a long-established tea shop founded in the Mimasaka area of Okayama prefecture in 1862.
The high-quality bancha made in “Okayama, the land of fine weather” by the traditional method of sun-drying, which has remained unchanged for more than 300 years, has the scent of the sun, unlike machine-made bancha.
By roasting with light heat applied to the finish, a subtle aroma rises in a refreshing and gentle taste.
Due to the manufacturing method that takes the process of boiling leaves once, it is Less Caffeine, so children and elderly people can rest assured.



Bulk 10kg

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