Organic Blend Tea / Organic Yuzu Ryokucha(Green Tea) 30g

Ingredients : Organic Ryokucha(Green Tea), Organic Yuzu Peel, Organic Matcha
Net Weight : 30g
Origin : Shizuoka, JAPAN
Best Before : 24 months
Package Size: 140*200mm
HS code:0902.10

How to drink

  • Hot: 200-300cc + Leaf 3g
  • Cold:200-300cc + Leaf 3g

Product Info

  • Organic Ryokucha:Shizuoka or Kagoshima
  • Organic Yuzu  Peel (Crush):Shizuoka,
  • Organic Matcha:Shizuoka

Nutritional Information Japan standard (per 100ml)
Dissolved 3g of 200ml of water

  • Calorie:0kcal,
  • Protein:0g
  • Lipid:0g
  • Carbohydrated:0g
  • Sodium:0mg
  • Sodium chloride equivalent:0g

Health Benefits of Yuzu Peel

  • Vitamin C: Cold prevention, fatigue recovery
  • Pectin: Intestinal regulation, cholesterol suppression
  • Prevention of arteriosclerosis, prevention of myocardial infarction, prevention of diabetes
  • Organic Acids such as Citric Acid: Auxiliary for Calcium Absorption
Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 270 × 380 × 140 mm

Bulk 1kg, Bulk 10kg

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