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Pesticide free Pink Tea Loose tea Bulk 1kg / 2nd Flush Grade

From unshaded tea bushes.
Add some lemon juice(Add the acid.) to it and its color turns pink.
Suitable for Kombucha.
Pink tea is red buds of SUNROUGE.
In addition to common positive effects of green teas, this tea is particularly good for eyes due to its high anthocyanin content.
Drink it after heavy PC works with adding acid, or use it for cooking and making special drinks.
It can be used in various ways. When acid is added, the color would be turned pink.
It looks like magic, providing a bit of entertainments.
Ingredient : Pesticide-free Pink Tea /2nd flush
Net Weight : 1kg
Origin : Shizuoka + other place, in JAPAN
Best Before : 24 months
Package Size:270(180+90)×470mm


How to drink

  • Hot: 120-150cc + Loose tea 3g, 30-60 sec. boiled water
  • Cold: 120-150cc + Loose tea 3g, 5min

Product Info

  • Pesticide-free Pink Tea /2nd flush:Shizuoka or other place but in Japan
  • Cultivar:sun rouge
  • 2nd Flush
  • Steamed

Nutritional Information Japan standard (per 100g)

  • Calorie:1kcal,
  • Protein:0.1g
  • Lipid:0g
  • Carbohydrated:0.1g
  • Sodium:1mg
  • Sodium chloride equivalent:0g

※Samples can be sent.
Please bear the shipping fee and sample price.


Weight 11200 g
Dimensions 310 × 440 × 370 mm

Bulk 10kg

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