CV Wakocha(Black Tea) Loose tea Bulk 1kg / 1st, 2nd or Autumn Flush Grade

From unshaded tea bushes.
Japanese black tea made with Japanese Cultivars.
We have some black teas of some cultivar and some grades.

Since Yabukita is a cultivar of green tea, it has a high amino acid value and you can feel the Umami component.
There is very little astringency and you can enjoy a mild taste.
Manufactured on the premise that you can drink it straight without adding sugar or milk.
Please enjoy our Japanese typical Wakocha, Japanese fermented tea.

2008 World Green Tea contest: Gold Medal Prize

Ingredient :Organic Fermented Tea (Black Tea)/
1st, 2nd or Autumn Flush Grade
Net Weight : 1kg
Origin : Shizuoka, JAPAN
Best Before : 24 months
Package Size:195(120+75)×370mm


How to drink

  • Hot: 120-150cccc + Loose tea 3g, 30-60 sec
  • Cold: 120-150cccc + Loose tea 3g, 30-60 sec

Product Info

  • Organic Green Tea :Shizuoka
  • end of  1st Flush, 2nd or autumn
  • Cultivar: Benifuki, Yumekaori, Shizu7132 and so on

Nutritional Information Japan standard (per 100g)

  • Calorie:2kcal,
  • Protein:0.2g
  • Lipid:0g
  • Carbohydrated:0.2g
  • Sodium:3mg
  • Sodium chloride equivalent:0g

(Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan 2015 (7th Edition)
Supplement From 2018)

※Samples can be sent.
Please bear the shipping fee and sample price.

Weight 10950 g
Dimensions 270 × 410 × 320 mm

Bulk 10kg

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